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Dx Economix

We align the needs of healthcare systems, with value based IVD solutions.

Who is Dx Economix Inc?

  • Specialists in marketing and management of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) devices


  • Mission: Provide solutions to healthcare systems (HCS) that combine clinical AND economic benefits


  • Clients are HCS’s and IVD companies


  • Broker commercial relationships between IVD companies and HCS’s driven by:


 -Evidence-based clinical case developed by IVD company

-Economic impact analysis developed by DxEx

 -Product positioning and value propositions for reimbursement

 -Preparation and management Health Technology Assessments

 -Provide HCS’s with tools for evaluation of new tests

  • Proprietary diagnostic technology

Healthcare 2015

  • Healthcare systems are reeling under the impact of out-of-control costs


  • Target of waves of reforms – cost cutting exercises


  • Zero tolerance for added costs


  • Slows or prevents new technology adoption, negative impact on HCS’s


  • Disincentive to innovation, sustained negative impact on the IVD industry


  • System is out of balance

HCS’s and the IVD industry are misaligned

  • New IVD’s always perceived as adding costs because ….


  • Impact in context of silos (lab budgets), reimbursement codes & policies


  • Ignores broader care-pathway economics


  • Precludes value-based pricing


  • Precludes economic benefits for HCS’s

The Dx Ex Solution

  • Create a win-win for HCS’s and IVD’s?


  • VBP for the IVD’s, technology-driven cost saving for the HCS


  •  Change the marketing model from bottom-up (silo driven) selling to top-down system-wide selling


  • Target new stakeholders, senior management, payers, patient groups


  • Define new tests/technology in terms of both clinical and economic performance


  • Describe new IVD cost impact in context of care pathways


  • Provide evidence for near-term system savings

Our value proposition

For the healthcare system


  • System savings and improved cost controls
  • Data driven technology adoption protocols




For the IVD company


  • Higher product pricing based on economic value recognition
  • Faster time-to-markets, larger market share
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Improved forecast performance and ROI

To find out more about what we do at Dx Economix please get in touch.

location 10 King Street East, Suite 801 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5C 1C3
phone 416-304-9064
fax 416-388-4522