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Understanding the true value of your test

Economics for IVD Marketing Strategies
The Road to Value-Based Pricing

95% of new tests are significantly underpriced


  • The way healthcare systems value new tests
  • Viewed in the context of lab budgets
  • Ignores broader impact on care pathways


  • Prevents value-based pricing

Our Solution.
Economic impact tools for IVD marketing.

Who Is DxEconomix?

We are specialists in marketing and management of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) devices. We identify and position both the clinical and economic benefits of our client’s tests for marketing to healthcare systems (HCS’s). Our goal is to create “Win-Win” situations for our clients and their customers, the healthcare systems. The result is value based pricing (VBP) for IVD companies and technology driven costs savings for the HCS’s.

The DxEconomix Approach

We use healthcare economic (HCE) analysis to assess the impact of new products and services, because this is how HCS’s value new tests and technologies. The results guide clinical positioning, allows identification of real-world value propositions and maps pricing options for the IVD company. These outcomes form the basis for healthcare system-wide adoption and contract negotiations for new tests and technologies as well as providing improved market forecasting and ROI calculations.

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